Message From President

I am very thank you to have this opportunity to serve the rising Nepalese diaspora and society as a newly elected president of National Coordination Council, Denmark (NCC-DK) for 2019-2021.

On behalf of the new team, I would like to thank all the register members, participants and specially second generation Nepalese for their contribution at making Annual General Meeting (AGM) of NCC-DK successful. The motto of "FOR NEPALI BY NEPALI" - is the best way to unite and bring us together for a common goal for serving our society and motherland.

Today, Nepal is at a crucial phase of socio-economic transformation. It's right time to support our national desire through available resources that might be culturally, financially or technically (skill, knowledge and linkage) beside philanthropic projects. I would also like to thank our past presidents and their executive committee members who have brought the movement to this level.

Newly elected team will focuses on past initiatives accordingly. But still how to integrate new comers, organize activities for growing second generations, create opportunities for better lives etc can be some challenges for our tenure. I humbly request all our Nepalese and Nepal loving people to contribute in our common interest.

Lastly, together we can make a difference.



Rabindra Khadka